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New York Giants 2000 Superbowl Season

Jim Fassel’s job as the New York Giants coach was on the line in the 2000 season and while his team was struggling at the start of the season going 7-4 his team responded after a loss to the Detroit Lions winning 5 in a row to finish the season 12-4.  They earned a bye in the playoffs.  The Giants played the Philadelphia Eagles in the divisional round of the playoffs 20-10.  They beat a red hot Minnesota Vikings team 41-0 in the NFC Championship game. They met up with the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV. The Giants were down by 10 at half time and could not over come this deficit in the 2nd half.  They ended up losing this game to the Ravens.

The 2000 Giants were a good team who had play makers.  They started out slow, but finished red hot making it to the Superbowl.  I remember watching this team beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship game whooping them.  The Vikings were a team that scored a record number of points that year and the Giants came in and took care of business.  Kerry Collins though threw to many interceptions in the Super Bowl for the Giants to be able to take the Crown as the best team in the NFL.  If Collins does not turn over the ball so many times they might of had a shot at winning the trophy.


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Denver Broncos 2006 Season Review

The Denver Broncos coming into the 2006 Season had high hopes of being a elite team in the NFL.  They had many veteran players coming in and the coaching staff hoped would play a huge roll in a great season.  The Defense played great at the start only allowing 1 touchdown the first 5 games.  The offense was moving the ball with Jake Plumber who had started the Broncos off to a 7-2 start which by NFL standards is a great way to start the season.  Mike Shannon though benched Plumber after that great start for the Rookie Quarterback Jay Cutler.

On Dec. 3rd 2006 Jay Cutler made his first start versus the Seattle Seahawks.  He had 2 touchdowns and 2 picks while throwing for 143 yards in the loss versus the Seahawks.  The Broncos would win 2 games and lose 3 to finish the season.  The hardest loss for the Broncos was not losing to the San Fransisco 49ers in which they were eliminated from the playoff picture, but the death of Corner back Darrent Williams who was shot in the city of Denver hours after the teams loss.  More losses would come in that 50 days later running back Damien Nash would collapse during a basketball game and die in his home town of St. Louis Missouri.

The Broncos started out very strong in 2006, but the benching of Jake Plumber and the defense not being able to shut teams down to make up for there rookie quarterback ended the season for them.  The loss of 2 of there players was the hardest for the Broncos to get over.  These deaths were sudden and tragic.

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History of the Seattle Seahawks Part 1

The Seattle Seahawks got there start on June 15, 1972 by a group of local people who made the announcement that they would be starting a pro sports team in the city of Seattle.  The group had to wait 2 years for the league to approve of having a franchise in Seattle.  The NFL commissioner at the time Pete Rozelle signed a agreement with Lloyd W. Nordstrom to start the Franchise.

The first General Manager of the Seattle team was John Thomspon. The name Seattle Seahawks was officially announced June 17, 1975.  They had put out a contest on names they could possibly use for the new franchise. The first coach of the new Seattle franchise was Jack Patera.  He was a Minnesota Vikings assistant coach and was officially announced to be the new Seahawks coach January 3rd 1976.  The Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a expansion draft.  They picked players who were put in a big pool from the rest of the teams in the NFL at the time.   The Seahawks first preseason game was August 1, 1976 versus the San Francisco 49ers in the Kingdome.

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