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History of the Seattle Seahawks Part 1

The Seattle Seahawks got there start on June 15, 1972 by a group of local people who made the announcement that they would be starting a pro sports team in the city of Seattle.  The group had to wait 2 years for the league to approve of having a franchise in Seattle.  The NFL commissioner at the time Pete Rozelle signed a agreement with Lloyd W. Nordstrom to start the Franchise.

The first General Manager of the Seattle team was John Thomspon. The name Seattle Seahawks was officially announced June 17, 1975.  They had put out a contest on names they could possibly use for the new franchise. The first coach of the new Seattle franchise was Jack Patera.  He was a Minnesota Vikings assistant coach and was officially announced to be the new Seahawks coach January 3rd 1976.  The Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a expansion draft.  They picked players who were put in a big pool from the rest of the teams in the NFL at the time.   The Seahawks first preseason game was August 1, 1976 versus the San Francisco 49ers in the Kingdome.


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